Cherry has been undertaking more and more training and workshops for a number of different organisations. She has created networking workshops for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Alexander Hughes and Spread the Word, and more recently, coaching in creative and PR writing skills for Vivid London and for Diffusion, the agency which recently won PR Week's 'New Consultancy of the Year Award'.

The positive response to these workshops has led to Cherry launch three training modules for both groups or, where appropriate, training on a one to one basis. In every instance, the workshop will be tailored to the individual needs of the participants.

This is introduced as life skill, although obviously it has great use in professional and business spheres too. Cherry concentrates on developing and, as important, maintaining networks through personal contact. Her group workshops are interactive and often are completed by a short session of speed networking.

Many press communications have become formulaic � or are given to flights of fancy that irritate rather than create press interest. Cherry encourages participants to consider the requirements of a broad church of media, and how tand to what they might respond. There are exercises designed to stimulate creativity overall as well as hone more precise skills such as producing the succinctness necessary for press bulletins and Twitter; the art of feature writing; producing opinion pieces and blogs, and writing scripts for speeches and podcasts.

Many people find as they progress in their careers that they have a more public profile. They may be required to address meetings or conferences, or give major presentations.

Cherry looks at the art of speech making and presentations, both in terms of content and of presenting the end result. This will usually be a mixed-trainer workshop and may include actor skills and voice training, and dressing for success.

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