Grandma AnnieLong before modern medicines became so widely available, families treated everyday illnesses with homemade remedies. Reused and refined year after year, they were handed down through the generations then lovingly copied into personal 'receipt' books. Grandma's Remedies brings together a beguiling collection of them, gathered from dusty medicine chests found in attics, recalled from childhoods long past, or discovered in family archives and libraries. Many of them are surprisingly effective. Did you know, for example, that drinking two cups of strong black coffee will alleviate an asthma attack? Or that chewing toasted fennel seeds will help combat indigestion? Or that rosehip syrup is a terrific source of vitamin C?

a vivid portrait of a resourceful age gone by which used store-cupboard items and nature's pantry to safeguard family healthBut Grandma's Remedies is more than a guide to these traditional treatments, it also paints a vivid portrait of the world of our grandparents and great-grandparents. It shows how inventive and resourceful they were with the materials near to hand, how they made the most of everything in the store-cupboard, from bread through to vinegar, and how it was the women of the household who, despite being barred from the medical profession, were relied on to safeguard family health.

There are stories of some of the health heroines across the centuries, and there's a guide to show you how to create a herb garden, and make herbal infusions and teas, and everything from compresses to poultices.

A paperback version was launched in February 2010, available in all good bookshops.

Grandma's Remedies: A guide to Traditional Cures and Treatments from Mustard Poultices to Rosehip Syrup... Available Now from Books at Random
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